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El Torito Nutritional Information

El Torito

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  • Grilled Chicken Quesadilla Lite [Chicken breast/reduced-fat jack cheese/fresh fruit relish/chiles in a soft flour tortilla. Served w/fresh fruit.] -- 12.5
    • 585 cal/22 g fat/4 g fiber/48 g carbs
  • Sonora Burrito Lite [Chicken breast/pico de gallo/chiles/reduced-fat jack cheese in a large flour tortilla w/roasted tomatillo sauce. Served w/fruit & frijoles de la olla.] -- 15
    • 700 cal/21 g fat/8 g fiber/63 g carbs
  • Spinach Enchiladas: Special Request [Two corn tortillas w/spinach/mushrooms/chiles/cheese w/tomatillo sauce. Served w/fresh fruit relish/Mexican-style rice/rijoles de la olla. Request frijoles de la olla (instead of Sonora beans). Sweet corn cake not included.] -- 10.5
    • 470 cal/25 g fat/7 g fiber/44 g carbs
  • Grilled Soft Chicken Tacos: Special Request [3soft tacos w/chicken breast. Accompanied w/frijoles de la olla & Mexican-style rice. Request frijoles de la olla (instead of Sonora beans). Guacamole/tortilla strips/sweet corn cake not included.] -- 14.5
    • 675 cal/24 g fat/4 g fiber/51 g carbs
  • Frijoles de la Olla [4 oz] -- 2.5
    • 155 cal/1 g fat/8 g fiber/29 g carbs
  • Mexican Style Rice [4 oz] -- 3
    • 150 cal/1 g fat/0 g fiber/32 g carbs

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